What can acupuncture treat?


As an acupuncturist I so very often hear this one question - what can acupuncture treat? Acupuncture can treat very many things. The World Health Organisation website has a review and analysis page of it.

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Surviving the Christmas chaos


It's the Silly Season again! It's Christmas time again. In Australia this means that it is the end of the year and the start of Summer. It is colloquially known as the "silly season". For

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Spring – The season of change.


Spring glorious Spring!  Spring is well and truly here. Chinese medicine sees Spring as the time for growth and rejuvenation. Spring comes after Winter as we all know. During Winter we withdrew inwards and conserved

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Beat stress with acupuncture and Chinese medicine


Today I am going to speak of the use of acupuncture in helping to manage stress related disorders. Hans Selye claimed in his book “Stress without Distress” that ‘stress is the non-specific response of the

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