edit: 1st December 2016

All acupuncture appointments are now covered by Medicare. You no longer need to specify when you call up that you need a Medicare appointment. If you are registered with Medicare, then your acupuncture appointment is covered and will only cost you $30 out of pocket regardless of whether it is an extended or normal length appointment. Your rebate will pay for the rest.

*Please note: Saturday morning appointments are Private only.
There is no GP available, so this means that your appointment is NOT claimable through medicare. If you do want to claim your appointments then you may do so via your Private Health Cover. Please check with your insurance to find out what rebates you are entitled to.

Your first appointment is still with the General Practitioner (GP) then the Chinese medical (CM) doctor. Every sixth appointment is also an extended appointment or review where you will again have a one on one with the GP before you see the CM doctor. All other appointments are with your CM doctor with the GP overseeing.

Please be aware that all acupuncture is applied using traditional Chinese medical (TCM) theory. The GP is a fully qualified Chinese medical doctor so understands TCM theory in diagnosis and application.

Thank-you for your continued support.


Kura is excited to announce that we now offer affordable acupuncture appointments that are claimable through Medicare. Dr. Ma from Kura has teamed up with Dr Zhao from Vogue Medical to provide these acupuncture services. This brings your out of pocket cost of acupuncture down to $30 only.


Affordable acupuncture in Melbourne: Out of pocket expense is only $30 per appointment!

How do these acupuncture appointments work?

Dr Ma is a Chinese medicine doctor and a fully qualified acupuncturist. Her primary work is in Chinese medical services. Dr Zhao is a medical doctor who has a Masters degree in acupuncture from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Her primary work is in Western medical services. Together they make an integrated medical team, both understanding each other’s discipline. Both Dr Ma and Dr Zhao will conduct the consult with you together. Both will ask questions, both will examine your tongue and pulse, and both will come up with a TCM diagnosis and treatment plan together. After the interview is over Dr Zhao will leave the room, and leave you with Dr Ma who will administer the treatment.

Why do I need to be seen by two doctors?

Dr Ma is a Chinese medicine doctor, and therefore her services are not claimable under public health (unless under TAC or Workcover). For your acupuncture appointments to be claimable under medicare you must seen by a medical doctor, of which Dr Zhao is.

How do I go about booking one of these appointments?

Generally speaking these appointments are set up by either Dr. Ma or Dr. Zhao. You will already be a patient of either one of these doctors, and whomever you are seeing may recommend a course of acupuncture only appointments therefore setting you up in this programme.

If you are not a patient of either Dr. Ma or Dr. Zhao, and would like to self refer, you may do so by calling us on 9828 7500. It is advisable that you are very clear on the phone when you are making the booking that you would like a combined and medicare covered acupuncture appointment with both Dr. Ma and Dr. Zhao. If you only mention one name, you may only receive either a standard (private) acupuncture appointment or a standard medical appointment depending on who you named.

Unfortunately acupuncture “health check ups” or well being appointments are unable to be covered at this time.