Coming into effect 2nd July, 2018

Due to the limitations to the medicare rebate, there will be changes to the out of pocket costs for acupuncture.

In some cases, a change in the length of the consultation time required for subsequent treatments will be implemented as well, depending on whether a long or short consultation is required 

The new fee structure is outlined on our Acupuncture and Chinese medicine prices page. Please discuss with your practitioner how it will affect you.

When does the Medicare rebate for acupuncture appear:

  • Your first consultation (long 45 minutes) for each new condition you present with. (e.g. You present at the clinic with a back sprain. Several months later you present at the clinic again with trouble sleeping. These are both considered different conditions, and so the first consultation of both is rebated.);
  • Up to 5 subsequent/return weekly consultations (short 30 minutes) as part of your initial treatment plan;

When will I not receive the Medicare rebate for acupuncture:

  • More than one long (45 minute) consultation per condition. If more than one long consultation is needed then the rebated amount is reduced, and the out of pocket expense is increased;
  • More than one acupuncture appointment a week;
  • After your treatment plan has run its course, medicare rebates will conclude. If you choose to continue with treatment you may do so as a private patient. 
  • A gap of at least three months must be taken before you may receive the medicare rebate for acupuncture again.

Private consultations (private health insurance):

If you find you do need more than the allocated Medicare rebated amount of acupuncture treatments, you may do so and pay the full fee cost. If you have private health insurance your consultation may be subsidised. Please check with your insurer first.

If you accept the medicare rebate on the price of a consult, you can not then take the rest of the cost to your private health insurer to recoup the rest. 

Some people chose to go private instead of medicare as their return from the insurer is greater than what they would receive from Medicare.

Please speak with your practitioner to see how this may affect you.

Please note:

From the 2nd of July 2018 all current treatment plans will have five acupuncture treatments honoured on the old fee/Medicare rebate for acupuncture structure. Once those five have been completed then the new fee/Medicare rebate structure will come in to effect.