A change in direction – a health blog is born.

A new year, a new beginning.

Until recently I was a practicing Chinese medicine doctor. I had my own small clinic in South Yarra, and there were three doctors working there including me. We were working in tandem with a Western medical doctor so that patients were able to claim medicare for their appointments. In 2017 everything changed. My little sister had been diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer and she was ill. Very ill. My husband had joined the army so he was away at training leaving me at home with our two year old. It all became a bit much, and I backed off practicing. I slowed right down, and only saw my existing patients, and left the newbies with the other doctors.

My husband marched out of Kapooka (where they do basic soldier training here in Australia) in the middle of August. The weekend after he marched out my sister died. My husband was then sent off to IETs (initial employment training), and was unable to take time off for her funeral. As apologetic as the army were, apparently sister in laws do not count as “immediate family” and so he could not be released. After IET’s my husband would be receiving his first posting, which meant that we were going to be re-located 3000 kilometres away to sunny tropical Townsville.

As you may see, 2017 was an eventful year. It left me exhausted and drained. Then in the beginning of 2018 I lost a baby at 12 weeks. I had to re-evaluate. I needed to recover obviously from 2017 before thinking of doing anything else.

The first step – shutting the clinic

I kept the clinic open through out 2018 with a new doctor replacing me. Although I knew that we would never be returning to Melbourne, I just couldn’t in my heart let go of my clinic that I had built from nothing. However, the time had come. I had to let go. My old life was completely gone, and it was time to start anew!

It is quite scary transitioning from a bricks and mortar business to one that is purely online. It is also a bit scary being a “doctor” without any patients. Clinic is hugely rewarding, especially in the area that I was focusing on which was fertility. I must say I miss the face to face treatments and conversations with patients. As doctors we can not allow ourselves to become friends with our patients, but that is not to say that we can not enjoy their company or grow fond of them. Some of my patients I would actually look forward to seeing. They were fascinating, wonderful people, and I really loved helping them. I am going to miss that. Of course there is the other side as well. The patients that you just can not seem to help. The ones that plague your mind long after you have left the clinic in the evening. The patients you pour over your books for, seeking a different angle to see if that will help them. I am a people person. I never thought I was until I started clinic. Over the years patients have taught me to get over my natural shyness and social awkwardness. They have taught me patience and resilience. They have taught me the difference between empathy and sympathy. They have taught me so very very much.

The final step – combining old skills

So, as you may see, this is a big change. I’m not sure it will be forever, but it will be for the next few years at least. I have wanted to do something with my fine art (photography) degree for a very long time. I also of course have a Chinese medical degree. That is a total of eight years of university. I don’t want to put that to waste, especially as I still have a love for both. What better way to combine the two and write a health blog. One from a Chinese medicine perspective.

I haven’t photographed seriously for over ten years, so I am out of practice. I remember all the basic technical stuff, but cameras have changed a-lot in the last ten plus years. I have so much to re-learn as well as discover. The big thing I need to redevelop is my photographers eye. Back at school I saw the world through a small rectangular box. I need that back. This should be fun! I have one regular model whom you will see pop up in nearly every photograph on my instagram feed. That is my four year old son. He is my muse. I will try and refrain from plastering him all over the website (although I have to admit, he’s on the front page).

Thank-you &/or Welcome.

If you are an old patient reading this, I thank you. I thank you for teaching me so much, and for giving me a very fulfilling past few years. I also invite you to stick around, and join me on my new career direction. The blog essentially started because of you (refer to the home page if you are curious as to how this is so).

If you are new here, I welcome you. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, and if you like it then feel free to sign up to the email list so that you may receive newsletters and other titbits from me. Don’t worry, I still don’t have much free time, so I will not have time to overwhelm your inbox! Also, let’s chat on instagram. You will find that I am quite a chatter box!

Speak soon,


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