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Welcome to Kura Chinese Medicine

Kura Chinese medicine was a private general Chinese medical practice located in South Yarra, Melbourne. We provided Chinese medical healthcare services to the residents of South Yarra and surrounding suburbs including Toorak, Prahran, Windsor, Richmond, Cremorne, Burnley, Southbank and East Melbourne. If you came here looking to book your acupuncture appointment then may I direct you to Vogue Medical. They will be administering all Chinese medical appointments directly now rather than through Kura.

In 2017 two hugely impactful things happened in the founders life. That’s me by the way – I shall refer myself in the first person from now on. One of them was that my little sister passed away. The other was that my husband joined the army. Both of them resulted in significant changes for me and my families circumstances, as well as within myself personally.

The passing of my sister left me exceedingly angry, sad and with feelings of futility. I couldn’t practice while I was going through this, as acupuncture is an energetic treatment modality, and I was afraid that I would pass these emotions on to my patients. So, I took a break.

My husbands first army posting resulted in us moving to the other end of Australia to north Queensland (QLD) in the sunny, hot and humid town of Townsville. It was roughly 3,000 kilometres away from the clinic. That was too far for a daily commute. Secondly, when a person joins the army they can expect to change postings every two to three years. I needed to think about the prospect of starting (or joining) a clinic every two to three years. It takes a doctor that long to begin building a good patient base. I needed to think…

I have a good knowledge of health, I have practiced as a TCM doctor for nearly a decade, I love passing on information, I love helping people, I love taking photographs, I love writing and I will be moving around a lot. The natural conclusion was an online career or – a blog. This way I can keep my fingers in the TCM pie until such a time that my husband is established enough that we can stay in one posting long enough for me to go back to practice.

So here we are! Thank-you for joining me. I hope you find information here that is useful for you. I am completely open to suggestions, so if there is anything you would like me to write about drop me a line. You can either do it here, or DM me via my instagram account .


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