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Acupuncture FAQ’s2018-10-23T18:18:57+11:00
Can I claim my medicare covered acupuncture appointment on the spot?2018-03-02T12:50:12+11:00

Yes you can.

To receive your rebate on your Medicare covered acupuncture appointment, you need to be eligible for Medicare. You will also have needed to nominate a bank account into which Medicare rebates are paid into. We will charge you the full price of your appointment (prices here), after which your card will be swiped again so that you may receive the rebate. This results in you having a $30 out of pocket expense for your appointment.


For your convenience please feel free to download the patient intake form prior to your first appointment with us so that you may fill it in before your arrival.

At reception2018-10-23T18:19:03+11:00

Please report to reception upon arrival at the clinic. They will provide you with any necessary forms and inform the practitioner that you have arrived.

As the Patient intake form is two pages long you may want to download it here and fill it out before you arrive. When you do arrive, just hand it in to reception and they will pass it on to your practitioner.

Download Patient intake form.


Appointments may be made via telephone during clinic business hours. Please refer to the contact page for details.

At Kura Chinese Medicine we do not like to keep people waiting. It would be a great help to us if you could make it to your appointments on time to help facilitate this. If it is your first time visiting us, arriving early so that you may fill in the relevant forms would also be greatly appreciated.

If you are late, please allow us to still keep within your allocated time slot. This may result in a shortened appointment time. This is so the person after you can still be seen by us on time. However, as each patient’s needs vary and are unpredictable you may sometimes have to wait for your appointment. We appreciate your patience.

As your appointment time is specially reserved for you, a $30 administration fee will apply for change or cancellation of appointment with less than 24 hours notice. Less than 3 hours will incur the full fee.

Chinese herbal/acupuncture consultations2018-03-02T13:00:09+11:00

Chinese herbal consults form part of your acupuncture appointment. If required, your practitioner will prescribe Chinese medical herbs* for you. The cost of the acupuncture consult varies (prices here). If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate then your total out of pocket expense is only $30.

*Herbs at additional cost and are not covered by Medicare

An approximate cost of an individually tailored herbal prescription for one week is $45-50.
Patent medication costs range from approximately $25 – $50 every two weeks.

How long is a treatment course?2018-10-23T18:19:03+11:00

Treatment courses vary from person to person. It largely depends on the duration and severity of the presenting complaint. It also depends on the current constitution of the patient, and how far they would like to go in improving their health. Generally speaking people see significant results between two to four weeks. However, some people take longer and others may respond faster. It is not uncommon for people to reach a particular health level, and then maintain it by monthly, quarterly, six monthly or even yearly “tune ups”.

What may I expect from my consultation?2018-03-02T13:02:58+11:00

In the initial consult you will first have a one on one interview with the GP and then you will see your TCM doctor. Timing can vary as with any medical appointment. Consecutive consults are far shorter. Discussion between you and your doctors may include other than your main complaint your diet, lifestyle, miscellaneous aches and pains, gynaecology (for women) and much more. Your tongue may be observed (infact, if you are a tongue scraper, it is advised that you don’t clean your tongue on at least the day prior to your treatment, for your tongue coat is used diagnostically). Your pulse will be felt for quality, speed and nature. Once all information has been collated, then a preliminary diagnosis will be achieved. A treatment strategy will be devised for you, and treatment will begin.

Subsequent herbal/acupuncture appointments will reduce to 40 minutes.

What type of treatment modalities may I receive?2018-10-23T18:19:03+11:00

Treatment modalities that you may receive will include:

Acupuncture: The process of placing fine needles on strategic points around the body to achieve a therapeutic effect.
Cupping: A vacuum is created inside glass or plastic cups using either fire or pump, and placed on the body to draws toxins out of the body
Chinese herbal medicine: individually tailored herbal formulas or carefully selected patent herbal pills taken for medicinal purposes
Dietary advice: information on foods specifically suited to your needs and body type.

How can Chinese medicine help me?2018-10-23T18:19:03+11:00

Some of the ways acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine may help you are:

General well being: low energy, digestive complaints, weight management, facial rejuvenation, stress;
Pain management: back pain, neck pain, head aches, sports injuries, post-operative pain, arthritis;
Psycho-emotional support: mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks;
Gastrointestinal balance: IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, mouth ulcers, acid re-flux;
Women’s health: menstrual irregularities, PMS, period pain, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis;
Fertility enhancement: IVF support, pre-natal care, infertility, sub fertility, pregnancy & post-natal care;
Respiratory complaints: cold & flu, sinusitis, rhinitis, cough, wheezing, asthma, bronchitis.

What is Chinese medicine all about?2018-10-23T18:19:03+11:00

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical modality which has been practised for more than 3000 years. Although accepted in mainstream medical care across East Asia it is still considered an alternative practice in the West. Like Western Medicine, TCM employs various treatments to attain good health for the patient. Some of these include acupuncture, herbal medicines, tui na (Chinese remedial massage), qi gong (breathing exercises), dietary therapy, cupping and moxibustion.

One of Chinese Medicine’s strength lies in the treatment of chronic conditions. This is because treatment works on building up the constitution of the patient as well as alleviating symptoms. More often than not in Australia people see a TCM doctor after exhausting other Western medical avenues. This is unfortunate as by the time a TCM doctor sees them the complaint is long standing and has become quite complicated. The old adage of the shorter the duration of disease the shorter the duration of treatment often applies here. There are examples of course of rapid recovery when changing medical modalities but this should not be considered the norm. If you are contemplating seeing a TCM doctor, then the sooner you see one the better.

TCM can aid you achieve better health via less invasive and less harmful means. Signs and symptoms are treated, not simply masked. The focus is on the whole person, not just the disease resulting in less chance of a relapse.

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