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The TCM way of Life

Tune the body, mind and spirit to make a healthier you.

As a Chinese medicine doctor, I am always handing out what we call “lifestyle advice”. You see, in Chinese medicine becoming healthy is more than just visiting your doctor and taking the prescribed medicines. It is also about tuning your spirit, your energy and your body. There may be food adjustments, sleep adjustments and exercise adjustments.

This blog started as a haphazard repository of information for my patients to refer to so they didn’t have to try and remember all the information I gave them. Now that I have taken a sabbatical from clinical practice, I want to focus my energies on expanding this blog, and turning it into a fully-fledged website. So please, grab a drink, sit down and enjoy what I have to offer. If you want more, I encourage you to sign up to the newsletter. Thank you for joining me!

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